To solve problem, don’t jump into solution hurry.

According to the talk with K. White in this morning, He told the story about one start up who eagerly to solve the problem. They just finished their product, however, they stuck. Nobody interested to invest to their product. Therefore, they tried to figure out how to solve this problem.

One pitfall that many innovators fall into when it comes to invention is finding a solution too early. They devote a significant amount of effort to developing their desired product without gaining sufficient information to claim that their solution may really solve consumers’ pain.

There is one principle called Cause and Effect, by which the occurrence of one event contributes to the occurrence of another. If people are unaware of problems, they don’t need any solution.

Even if there are some issues, we must ensure that the problem is significant enough to address, rather than relying on the opinion of a single individual. You’ll need to speak with additional people to ensure that there are market segments large enough to put some bets on.

Finally, the problem statement must be refined until a precise problem can be identified. We can ask more questions, collect more data, and connect the dots more. This method can be repeated several times.

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